How to Change Default DNS Address on Your Windows PC ?

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System. It is generally a machine-readable IP address of your hostname. Means DNS change the human domain naming system to machine-readable format. Normally a phone directory and DNS system are same. The phone directory is generally required when you know the name of the person, but you don’t have the contact number. DNS is also doing the same thing and providing the same service.

How to Change Default DNS Address on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer:How to Change Default DNS Address on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer

You can change the DNS settings right from your computer. This article is to give you full information to change the default DNS address or settings in Windows PC. Google has launched Google Public DNS through which you can override default DNS, and also you can specify which domain will use which IP address and DNS. Before going to know the step to change the default DNS in Windows, You may require knowing.

How DNS Setting Works

When you need to search any website, you need to put the Url of the website in the browser. This actually what we all did to visit a website. But internally DNS of your system works. The computer takes all information of the domain, where its location the internet from the DNS. In first step your system sends the name of the domain which you going to visit the DNS and DNS in returns to send the numeric address of the website means its IP address. With this IP address, your system gets connected to the desired webpage.

Now I am going to go through all the step required to change DNS address of your Windows System.

Configure your System DNS address

Before going to change the default DNS settings it is recommended to write your present Domain Name Server(DNS) address with all its information so that you can go to its default settings for any problem.

Note: Steps to change Domain Name Server of your computer may vary from Operating System to Operating System.
DNS Address on Windows 10 PC Computer:

Step 1: Open the control panel of your system.
Step 2: Now you have to click on Network status and Task.
Step 3: Then you have to click on option” Change adapter settings”
Step 4: Then click on the icon of internet provider or connecting that you are using.
Step 5: Then go to Properties option.
Step 6: Select Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)
Step 7: Then click on the properties of Select Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)
Step 8: Then click on the Use the following Domain server address.
Step 9: Replace the default DNS address with new Address.
Step 10: Click ok to save all your changes.
Step 11: You can check whether your new setup successfully works. For that, you have to Click on Test your new settings tab.